The Coalition for Children and Families

CCF’s Mission: 

Defending the rights and sovereignty of children and families; delivering hope, support and results since 2014

Areas of Focus:

  • Provide hope to the children and families 
  • Reduce child and parent suicide
  • Provide advice to reduce legal/court costs to preserve family wealth
  • Provide legal support through financial grants and loans
  • Promote oversight in courts and expediting rights cases
  • Provide Child and parental rights education
  • Promote family rights internationally
  • Bring rights violation to international bodies with which we have NGO standing 

The CCF team is made up of parents who have dealt with Child Abduction and Trafficking. We are taking a stand and taking a major role to help children and family members currently dealing with child abduction and trafficking crises.

The CCF believes that children deserve to have both Parents in their lives. Please take a look at the CCF 2.0 current and expanded services to assist parents and children.  

Please Contact Us Below and Join our Mailing List. Take care and Stay Strong! 

I am or might be A.....

Abducted or Trafficked Child

I have been removed or lost contact with one or both of my parents

Parent of Abducted or Trafficked Child(ren)

I have lost contact with my children through the efforts of the Authorities, Ex-spouse or another way

Member and Supporter

I am very sensitive to the issues CCF is addressing. I would like to help the CCF with my money and/or my time

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