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Alienated and/or Separated
from your Kids?

Have you lost contact with your son or daughter?
This may have been due to parental alienation, divorce or a sequence of life event.
Whatever separated you from them, you are not alone.

What is 100k Fathers?

100k Fathers brings you together with men who have experienced broken relationships and lost contact with their kids due to divorce, parental alienation, or a sequence of life events. We are connecting fathers on the same path, sharing valuable stories, wisdom, and ideas within this exclusive community supporting each other.

There are very few options available to a father to reunite with his kids. Most often advice provided to the father is to not give up and to fight this in court.

If you look up the definition of “fight”, the result will look something like “a violent confrontation or struggle.” or  “to contend in battle or physical combat especially: to strive to overcome a person by blows or weapons” The outcome is always one and often both parties lose (Except for the lawyers).

My question is, what are you wanting to achieve and what does success look like with your kids?

Do you want to see your children through court ordered 50/50? Well, this is possible but at what cost? How sustainable will your relationship be with your kids when they are forced to see you?

Reuniting with your kids takes a few stages. We see success as your kids wanting you to see you and then together spending quality and meaningful time as a guardian and mentor in their lives.

This is a journey where you will realize your full potential as a father and a man through building the pillars in your life and turning your life into an incredible upward spiral.

Our mission is to reunite 100,000 fathers with their kids.

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