Kristina Lynn

Founder, President of Rescue Children Now

Kristina Lynn – Founder and President

Kristina Lynn has had a long, successful career in television and radio as an investigative journalist, show host, producer and director. Kristina appeared on Paramount Television’s Hard Copy, The Joan River’s Show, Good Morning America, The Geraldo Show, and others. She hosted and produced her own shows, Dishing Up Country, Wake Up America and she has a new Interview talk show coming out later this year on the RCN network, The Kristina Lynn Show. Ms. Lynn is a  member of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Women in Film, and SAG. In 2019 she received the Thomas Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award  for Outstanding Achievement in Television and Media. She is the CEO of LYNN TV Productions.
Ms. Lynn has served on the Board of CHILD SAVERS FOUNDATION which saved thousands of at risk children from abuse and whose founder, Phyllis Gordon helped to write and implement over 40,000 pieces of legislation to Protect Children from Abusive Parents and family members in a number of states. Ms. Lynn has also served on Gala Boards of CHILDREN’S RESCUE COALITION and THE UNICORN CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION and has worked with THE PRINCESS GRACE CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION as well.
Kristina has worked for many years with whistle blowers like Ted Gunderson to wake up many people to the serious problem of child trafficking and child abuse of all types. 
Kristina is proud to now head up her own non-profit charity, RESCUE CHILDREN NOW so that she, the Board  of Directors and volunteers can continue to guide thousands of caring people to unify together to continue this important work and to Save, Rescue and Protect our children here in America and around the world so that they can grow up to Thrive and to be our greatest Future resource!
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