Henry Gavriel Baker

Co-Founder and CEO 

Henry is a financial professional/educator, energy entrepreneur, and social change and family rights non-profit manager. 

Henry is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Coalition for Children and Families. Henry directly deals with this issue in his own family.

I am dedicating my efforts at CCF in honor of my beautiful children, Sara, Orah, Penina, Moshe, Zici, Ruchama, Nava and Yisrael…..many of whom I have not seen or spoken with in many many years due to child abduction and brainwashing. 

Henry also spearheads many initiatives to educated lower-income households regarding financial strategies. 

Henry sits on boards of multiple organizations dealing with the crisis’ of Child Trafficking and Abduction. 


Meir Mickey Givaty, Esq.

Co-Founder and Legal Director

Mr. Givaty is one of the leading child rights attorneys in the world, practicing law for over 12 years. Mr. Givaty has first-hand experience as a suffering father as well as being an attorney for others regarding all the issues around child abduction and the increasing issues fathers and mothers experience as a result of divorce and after. Mr. Givaty operates internationally, specializing in child protection cases. Mr. Givaty regularly participates in the UNCRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) and CESCR (Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights) committee meetings. During Mr. Givaty’s 7 years at Coalition for Children and Families he has been instrumental in major legislation policy changes in Israel and a number of other countries. Mr. Givaty is a licensed lawyer in Israel. He speaks English and Hebrew.

Amit Lau

Director: Partnerships 

Mr. Lau is a teacher, entrepreneur, father and human rights activist. He spends his time between India and California.

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