Education, Direction and Support

Providing Critical Information for Parents

Assistance for Estranged Children and Parents  

Legal Support

Assistance to Secure Standing in International Rights Organizations

CCF has the experience to enable Individuals, groups and associations to secure standing with international bodies to have child and family rights violations heard.


Collaborating and Coordinating with International Advocacy Groups

CCF collaborates with leading country specific support organizations, referring our constituents to those who understand the local issues the best

CCF is proud to announce our expanded services or what we call CCF 2.0 

These services are available in part will be available in the near future.
Please contact CCF with any additional ways we can be of service to you or other victims you know. If you know anyone who wants to help us help others please have them contact us.

Legal Support

Legal Action Advisory

CCF attorneys and paralegals collaborate and strategize with parents and their lawyers regarding the best practice legal actions when dealing with child trafficking and abductions. CCF expert collaboration reduces the risk common mistakes which result in a loss of time and connection with the child(ren) are not made.  

Low Interest Loans to Support Parents Secure their Rights

Parents needing funds now to continue court action can receive a low interest loan from CCF to assist them take action now and not to lose valuable time.

Grants for Parents in Financial Need

Parents in financial need will be able to apply for legal grants to continue or reopen their cases

Education, Media and Lobbying

Hope and Support Helpline for Parents and Children Dealing with Abducted and Trafficked  

Eventually this hotline will be 24/7. The hotline will be staffed with in-house staff and volunteers who are themselves affected by rights violations, trafficking and/or child abduction. Staff will support and refer callers to leading resources.  This hotline will be the first call to make for anyone dealing with these terrible crises

International Rights Violations Databank

CCF has commenced in the planning of the monumental task of managing and owning an international database that will contain vast amounts of information pertinent to efforts to protect children rights and the rights of all family members to be in the life of their children

Ongoing Media Campaign Exposing the International Parental and Child Rights Crisis Trafficking and Abduction Crisis

It is critical for everyone to be informed and to work together to protect parental and child rights

Educating Judges, Legislatures and Congress

The CCF works in conjunction with other leading rights organization all across the world to educate and lobby for required law changes or additions.

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